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LLC Health-resort “Bahoriston”

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IMG_9215.jpgThe sanatorium provides healthy, meals three- times- a-day, with various dietary options available. We are sure that the comfortable halls, friendly service and homemade food will add to your enjoyment. In fact, the well balanced diet will help you to keep trim and even lose weight. The cuisine includes a wide range of meat, fish, dairy products, fruit, vegetables, berries, different kinds of juice, fresh bakery all rich in vitamins.

The menu to order is made according the doctor’s prescription. Also , the good music would make your meal better and impact your mood. Only fresh farm ingredients are used for cooking.

It’s time to remember that meat, which is used for cooking delicious dishes, comes from cows , which are grown at natural pastures. These pastures are watered by spring water, warmed by the warmest Tajik sun. The grass, which the cows are fed by, was never nourished with chemicals. The mineral chemicals aren’t produced in Tajikistan. The same is about Tajik fruit, vegetables, greens, crops and etc.

The cost of the meal has been already included into the cost of the waybill and organized for the guests in the dining halls at different parts of the building and guests’ houses. Moreover, different restaurants and cafes are open at the sanatorium , they are:

  • Teahouse “ Dilkusho” (which means joyful) offers our guests the national food. It was decorated in national way of wood carving. It works year-round, every day from 7am till 11pm. Party organization is available.
  • The restaurant of the main building, there is national and European food, all year round .It’s open from 7am till 10pm. We can organize a party for you.
  • There are three summer cafes : “ JackDaniels”, “ Sitora” (means ‘star’) and “Shabboda” (means ‘cool wind’) right next to the shore. They are open in the warm periods, from May till October, and work from 7am till 10pm.
  • There is a cafe in the night club and at the bowling building, which is available year round and works every day from 6pm till 6am.


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