Republic of Tajikistan, Guliston,
LLC Health-resort “Bahoriston”

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Corporate service

There is a great opportunity for receptions, events and group services:

Corporative service:

  • There is an opportunity for year-round placing. There are four guests’ buildings which work year-round and could accommodate 665 people. there are 10 cottages, summer houses of economy class, with the accommodation of 98 people.
  • There are three-time a day meals for the guests, also the meals according the special menu.
  • There is a meeting-hall for the big and small meetings, conferences. There is a big round table in the middle of the hall for 30 people with special equipment, with monitors and special equipment for translation. There are chairs along the walls in the hall for over 40 people. International forums and negotiations of the SOC (Shanghai Organization of Cooperation) participants, seminars of international organizations were taken there.
  • The meeting – hall at the main building is for 50 people. The hall is equipped with modern sound system for giving speeches; there are projectors with the screens, internet connection and other technical support.
  • Movie and concerts’ hall for 180 people, with a big HD movie screen and modern sound system.
  • The organization of the receptions, stand- up parties, corporate events, for 150 people.

Service for sports groups:

  • There is a comfortable and inexpensive settlement at the summer houses for 98 people.
  • Sport’s grounds
  • The gyms in the main and second buildings are available for all the guests of the sanatorium; there is modern equipment at the gym for all kinds of trainings and weight trainings.
  • There are 2 big soccer fields with grass cover and seats for the spectators.
  • The tennis court with the polyurethane cover.
  • There are jogging lanes along the trees next to the shore.
  • There are bicycle lanes and bikes available to rent.


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