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LLC Health-resort “Bahoriston”

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Packages (treatment programs)

The program –“Healthy heart, clean vessels”

The program№1 –“Healthy heart, clean vessels”

The program - “Free breathing”

The program №2–“Free breathing”.
This program is devoted for treatment of the respiratory diseases.

The program - “Tranquil nerves”

The program№3  calls “Tranquil nerves”
This program is for the diseases of the nervous system.

The program “ - Healthy intestines”

Program №4 is the program of the “ Healthy intestines”  
This program is used for the diseases of the digestive system.

The program - “ Happy family”

Program№5 is named “ Happy family”
This treatment of this program directed to the treatment of female genital organs diseases.

The program - “Straight gait”

The program of the “Straight gait” is №6
It deals with the diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective muscles.

The program - “Life with pleasure”

The program №7 calls “Life with pleasure”
It’s a program for the genitourinary system.

The program - “Good mood”

The program№8  has a title “Good mood”
It is a treatment for the Endocrine, nutritional and metabolic disorders.

The program - “Heath-improving holidays”

The program №9 is “Heath-improving  holidays”
This program is for 6days course.

The program - “ Happy childhood”

The program№10 for kids is “ Happy childhood”

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