Republic of Tajikistan, Guliston,
LLC Health-resort “Bahoriston”

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IMG_9647.jpgSanatorium “Bahoriston” offers you some activities to get the maximum enjoyment on your vacation. Let us list them. They are:

  • Miscellaneous opportunities for activities
  • SPA service
  • Interesting excursions
  • Library and internet cafe

The meals to buy

  • Teahouse “ Dilkusho” offers our guests the national food. The teahouse was decorated in national way of wood carving. It works year-round , every day from 7am till 11pm. Making party is possible here.
  • The restaurant of the main building, there is national and European food, also year round .It’s open from 7am till 10pm. Party organization is available.
  • There are three summer cafes : “ JackDaniels”, “ Sitora’ and “ Shabboda” right next to the shore. They are open in the warm periods, from May till October, and work from 7am till 10pm.

Night life:

  • A night club
  • Bowling center and billiard hall
  • A movie theatre
  • At summer time – there are some special activities as live performances with the Tajik singers, comedy shows , different contests , pool and tennis tournaments.


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