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Interview with director of "Bahoriston Health - Resort" Abdurahmon A. Abdujaborov

    "The activity results of the Bahoriston Health-Resort in 2016 and strategy for 2017"

  The Bahoriston health- resort is the all year medical institution specialized on Wellness and Spa. The resort provides comprehensive medical rehabilitation, whose unique natural healing factors are combined with modern rehabilitation techniques on high-tech equipment. The qualified doctors detect, diagnose or monitor diseases, determine a course.  Read more ...

Spring Holidays

    If you take a treatment on the sanatorium voucher in March and April by 10 days or more, you get a 10% discount on tours from May to December 2016
   Only during the celebration of Navruz “Bahoriston”presents 1 extra day to relax, if You have the 9-day “sanatorium package”.
    From 1 March till 30 April we offer 50% discount for children from 3 to 12 years.

Photo exhibition «Past and Future»

About 100 artistic photos were put up on the exhibition. This exhibition provided a unique opportunity for art lovers to gather in one place to showcase their achievements, share their experiences, and bring keen photographers together - from amateurs to professionals. In order to promote popularization of the art of photography a few master classes were conducted at the exhibition area for visitors and vacationers of sanatorium.

Sanatorium "Bahoriston" received the participants of the Youth Forum of the SCO

From 19th to 25th of June a Youth Forum of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, which involved young people from five SCO member countries, such as Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan held in the sanatorium "Bahoriston". It is already many times as seminars, symposia, conferences, local and international forums take place in Bahoriston. There are all facilities: high quality service, convenient location and infrastructure, well equipped conference rooms with modern audio equipment for presentations, interpretation, projector screens, the Internet and other technological means.

One more achievement in the field of quality

On May 27th Ceremony of the winners of the Commonwealth of Independent States for the achievements in quality of products and services in 2013. The best organizations from seven countries of the Commonwealth became winners at these categories. They received Diploma and special prizes. Tajikistan was represented by Sanatorium "Bahoriston". We are pleased to inform that the Sanatorium "Bahoriston" got a special prize called "Recognition of business excellence." at the CIS Executive Committee in Minsk took place an Awarding

The Tajik Sea


The sanatorium is located on the coast of the sea. Moreover, the sea is not an ordinary one, it won't be found even in the Yandex maps. This artificial lake created in the 50s of the last century radically changed the climate of the area. Now this is truly a resort place with healing climate. The sea is filled with water from mountain springs as Tajikistan on 93% consists of mountains. In addition, the sea is not navigable, thus it has a level of purity, which can not boast of any other resort area.

The main programs of sanatorium

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About Sanatorium

In a vivid oasis of Sogd valley of Tajikistan, on a shore of a purest Kairakkum reservoir, which is also called the Tajik sea, is located a new sanatorium “Bahoriston”.“Bahoriston” became famous with its rich infrastructure, modern medical diagnostics and highquality of service.

“Bahoriston” from Tajik/Persian means “Kingdom of Spring”. The naming is not just a coincidence. The founder of sanatorium National Bank of Tajikistan created on the shore really ideal environment for recreation and treatment. The green area of this health resort makes 22 hectares. Lovely land planning, various infrastructures, neat sidewalks with antique designed street lamps, lawns with bright-green grass and flowers, a lot of beautiful and lovely fountains during summer, cozy wooden arbors carved in traditional Tajik style, various statues, children playgrounds and areas, outdoor pools with areas for rest, picnic areas, everything is done to deliver maximum comfort and pleasure for the guests.


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