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DSCN2640.jpgA trip to Shahristan mountains

Starts at 6am. The trip is held on a comfortable bus, within three hours’ drive in one way , snacks are included.

There will be a stop on the way at one of the ancient cities famous for its craftsmen – Istaravshan. It will provide to the tourists the acquaintance with the ancient handcrafts and also you can buy some interesting souvenirs there.

There are guests’ houses, cafés, a soccer field and tennis courts in the mountains.

The mountains are 2500 meters high with beautiful waterfalls and fresh air.

On excursion, as you wish, you can climb the mountains, pick up flowers, enjoy the picturesque mountain views , ride horses or donkeys in you free time.

For lunch and dinner you’ll have national dishes such as pilov, damlama and others, also young wine is served to drink.

The trip ends late, and the arrival to the sanatorium will be late in the evening around 10pm.

The trip could be organized for a family, a group (of 25 people) or individually.

The price is 30 USD.

Picnic and fishing near Sirdarya river

The trip starts right after the breakfast, at 9am. It takes 45 minutes to get to the river. A trip is for a group of 25-30 people. The destination is a picturesque place on the river bank. You can have here a free time activities like swimming, boat rowing and fishing. There are different types of fish could be caught in the river, such as : zander, carp, asp and catfish. The weight of fish gets up to 3 - 5 kilos.

The fish which was caught out can be prepared for lunch – it could be fried or boiled. They will serve you greens, Tajik national bread, and wine for your fish.

The picnic ends after the lunch. The cost of the picnic is 20 USD.

A trip to lake Iskandarkul and Fan mountains

A trip starts at 9am, after the breakfast. The trip is estimated for people of great endurance.

It takes 3 hours to get there on the beautiful serpentine road surrounded by canyons and mount passes. The stop is next to mountain lake Iskandarkul . It impresses with beautiful virgin nature, great falls up to 7-8 meters high, and rare wild birds. Because of the mountains and high level above the sea level , excess of air, all these factors make your head go round for a while.

We will organize a hike to the Snake lake – and need to tell that the snakes aren’t poisonous.

Lunch and dinner are in the program. The national food will be cooked, such as kebabs, plov, khom- shurbo ( soup with mutton meat).

The overnight stay is at the guests houses.

Breakfast consists of local food: sour-cream, curds, eggs, national bread, honey.

The way back to the sanatorium is on the second day of the trip after lunch.

The cost of the trip is 70 USD.

A trip to the fields of watermelons, melons and grapes

The trip starts in the morning at 9 o’clock, after breakfast. The trip will be on a comfortable bus and it takes 1 hour to get there. It’s an opportunity to pick fresh watermelons, melons or grapes and also you can buy them. There is plenty of fruit to make tasty fruit dessert. The fruit is fresh and usually they are about three times cheaper than at the local markets.

The lunch is provided in local teahouse, and serves with national meals such as plov, national bread, and greens. The time to return back sanatorium is in the afternoon at 3o’clock.

The cost of the trip is 15 USD.


The fishing here is a popular activity. You have 2 choices for fishing:

  • At Kayrakkum sea
  • At Sirdarya river

Fishing is organized for small groups of 2-3 people in each. Those, who desire very much, are invited to have a rest outdoor. Lunch is prepared from the fish which was caught during the fishing. It could be soup of fish or fried fish. We promise that yiu will have a good catching. There are different types of fish , such as: zander, carp, asp and catfish. The weight of fish can get up to 3- 5 kilos.

We use the motor boat “Progress”for fishing.

Fishing schedule:

  • The 1st fishing trip is from 8am till 12pm.
  • The 2nd fishing trip is from 2pm till 5:30 pm.

The whole day fishing trip is from 8:30am till 5:30 pm.


  • The cost of half- day fishing for a group of 3 people is 100 USD.
  • The whole day fishing costs 60 USD per person.

A round trip to Khujand City. (Day time)

The excursion starts at 9am, and it will be on the comfortable bus with a guide. The excursion works for a group of 25-30 people. It’s an opportunity to get an acquaintance with the history of this ancient city. The group will visit open –sky market (bazaar) Panchshanbe, the city museum and other historical places.

The bus will return to the sanatorium in the afternoon, around 2pm.

The cost of the excursion is 5 USD.

A trip to Khujand city (at night)

A trip from 7pm to 10 pm. It’s for a group of 25-30 people. The trip is also on a comfortable bus driving around beautiful streets of Khujand and to the fountains with lights. The cost of the trip is 7USD.

Price: 7 USD


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