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Programs for children

Indications: Diseases of the respiratory system, diseases of the nervous system, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, diseases of the endocrine system.


Appointment with pediatrician:

- 1 primary, 2 following;


-clinical blood test;
- Urinalysis;
- test of faeces on worm eggs.

Consultation with specialists::
(as prescribed)

- endocrinologist, dentist, neuropathologist, ENT specialist (otolaryngologist).


- Physiotherapy:

- galvanization, electrophoresis by medicinal substances, local darsonvalization, UHF, inhalation, tubus quartz.

- Balneotherapy:

- medicated bath, healing mud.

- Herbal therapy:

- herbal tea, oxygen cocktail.

- Treatment exercise, swimming:

- treatment exercises, swimming in the pool.

- Climate healing:

- pure sea air.

- Diet food:

- dietary table as prescribed by doctor.

Course of treatment:: 10 days and more.
The treatment program will be compiled individually according to the profile of the main disease.
A list of additional procedures recommended over program: hand massage, reflex therapy with needles.

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