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Sanatorium “Bahoriston” – all only the best for our dearest guests

Abdumalik Mukhammatovich, what makes this sanatorium unique?

The uniqueness of the sanatorium is about location of it, being very close to the Kairakkum reservoir. It is an alive nature, the beautiful conifer trees, lots of sunny days, sea air. No wonder why this place was chosen by national bank of Tajikistan to establish our health resort, which is the best at the moment in the Republic of Tajikistan.

Sanatorium “Bahoriston” was created and works for the citizens of our country and our dear guests from other countries. We provide the best conditions for relaxation and recreation in the short term, and for all of this we have well-developed infrastructure, staff comprising of high qualified specialists, and advanced medical equipment. It is also important to mention that the health resort located close to the beautiful city Khujand. The city has very ancient history and great culture. There is also a big opportunity for our guests to visit variety number of places with vivid mountainous areas of Tajikistan with waterfalls, lakes and cleanest air.

I would like to emphasize that sanatorium uses powerful natural healing factors both national and imported. For the treatment we use mud from famous Tajik lake Aksikon, Saki Lake, and hydrogen-sulphide water the source of which is located on sanatorium territory.

There is a modern indoor swimming pool with sauna complex, SPA department, equipped with the unique devices like ESSMA and Excellent. We have created wonderful diagnostic facilities, which allow to get a complete check-up even during a short stay in our health resort. And most importantly sanatorium employs 20 highly qualified doctors who have extensive experience in urban health facilities and at the resorts.

What kind of health problems sanatorium “Bahoriston” treats?

The wonderful natural healing factors, modern medical-diagnostics, experienced health resort doctors and medical staff allow conducting complete treatment of the following illness: broncho-pulmonary system, cardiac, neurological, musculoskeletal, gynecological, urological, and gastrointestinal tract.

Everyone, who has taken treatment courses in our sanatorium is impressed by the results he has received. 98% of patients discharged with the major health improvements and the average term of the remission after the treatment course is 9-12 months. Morbidity is decreased by 2-3 times.

How many tourists come from Russia? Why do you accept Russians, and what can you offer them?

In 2013 more than thousand Russians have rested and recovered in our sanatorium, comparing with the previous year this indicator has been tripled. It is worth to mention that sanatorium “Bahoriston” operates only its third year, but it is nice to know that the number of the foreign guests especially Russians is growing at a significant pace.

In one hand, one can explain this tendency as the result of our actions to enter to the international market. But on other hand, one should mention that sanatorium “Bahoriston” was founded on the base of resting zone “Kairakkum”, where in the past during the soviet era many guests and workers used to come from all parts of the USSR, especially from Russia to recreate and recover their health. That is why for the citizens of Russian Federation sanatorium “Bahoriston” is not just a health resort; it is also a place where they have a lot of memories. We also provide for our dear guests, Russians, a unique nature, high service, guided tours, ecologically clean features of nature, national cuisine, and the most important - Tajik hospitality.

What other countries are your guests from?

Our sanatorium also receives guests from CIS countries like Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. We also have guests from European countries like Holland, Norway, England, and France; from Arabic countries, China, India, USA and Canada in total we have guests from around 30 countries of the world.

What about sanatorium development?

In the beginning of its operation sanatorium “Bahoriston” had 300 bed/seats. But today this indicator rose to 800. This is a new infrastructure, new job positions, and new types and kinds of medical services.

In 2013 our sanatorium have received a certificate and awards in nomination of “The best production and quality of the State-standard services” of the country and “The sanatorium of the year”. At the moment we are introducing the management quality system ISO 9001:2008, and we about to finish adopting the automated system “Zdravnica”, which responds to the requirements of the international standards of the quality service in health resorts. We can say for sure, that today “Bahoriston” is the leading sanatorium of Tajikistan and complies with the international standards.

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