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Geography of Tajikistan

Tajikistan is located in Central Asia

It’s a mountainous country and 93% (or 141,1 square kilometers ) of the territory is the mountains. The mountain chains are Pamir and Tien Shang.

Fergana Valley basin is located at the northern border of the country. It is 300 km in length and 170km in width.

The maximum extention from the north- west to the south-east is 700 km, and from the north to the south is 350 km.

The grasslands and subshrubs are prevailing.

The climate is sub- continental with significant season or diurnal changes at air temperatures. The level of precipitation is low. The air is dry and there is less cloudiness. The temperature goes down to +2C or to -2C above 0C in January, the temperature in the valleys and near the foothills in the south-western and northern parts goes down to -20C and much lower in Pamir. The lowest point of the temperature is -63C in winter time in Bulundqul ( Pamir). In summer the temperature gets up to +30C in lowlands of the south- west, and 0C and lower in Pamir. The maximum point of the temperature in summer gets up to +48C (Pyanj area).

Parks and Wildlife preserves

The territory of all parks and preserves put together up to 3,1 ml hectares or 22% of the country. There are :
  • 4nature reserves ( 173428 hectares) ,
  • 13 wildlife preservers ( 313260 hectares)
  • 1 National Park (2,6 ml hectares)
  • 1 Historical – Natural Park ( 3000 hectares)
  • 1 Natural Park ( 3850 hectares).
Natural reserves :

The Tiger’s gully ( 49700hectares)
Romit ( 16100 hectares)
DashtiDzhum ( 19700 hectares)
Zorqul ( 87700) hectares)

Natural and National parks:

Tajik National Park
Historical and National park in Shirk Ent
Natural park of Sari Khosor


There are some greatest lakes in the country; they are:
  • Karakul
  • Sarez
  • Iskandarkul
  • Zorkul
  • Kayrakkum water reservoir


Koni Mansuris one of the hugest mines of silver in the world is in the north part of Sughd region.

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