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   The Republic of Tajikistan implements its economic relati¬ons within the international platform based on the principles of mutually beneficial partnership and cooperation. Consistent efforts of the country’s President in this aspect are aimed at boosting cooperation with development partners and the world community, which significantly increased the reputation of Tajikistan during its independence period among the international community.

   The country’s President personally oversees reform process in all sectors of the country’s economy and implementation of national priorities through fruitful cooperation with development partners on a regular basis. In this regard, the President established National Development Council, which is responsible for ensuring implementation of the National Development Strategy and midterm strategies by encouraging foreign direct investments and contribution of development partners with a view to improving the population’s living standards.

   The reforms and efforts enabled to improve the economic development trend lately, which promoted stabilization of macroeconomic indicators.

   The country’s GDP has increased by 2.6 times since 1997, and its average growth  has been equal to 7.1% per year. This level of economic development was achieved thanks to the consistent improvement of all sectors of the country’s economy.

   From 1997 to present, the production of manufactured products  increased by 2.5 times and the agricultural output by 2.8 times, the cargo shipment with the use of all types of transport by 1.7 times, passenger delivery by 4.3 times, retail trade by 3.2 times and real services to population by 7.8 times, the public budget by 75  times, GDP by 36.3 times per capita and monetary income of the population by 38 times accordingly.

   With the view of establishing the network of Trade Representatives Offices of Tajikistan in the regions favourable for production of local goods, practical measures have been implemented and at present, there are Trade Representative Offices in 23 countries of the world.

   Having taken into account the importance of investment encouragement and study of the external market demands to local products and goods, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the country has established its representative offices in more than ten countries and individual areas of foreign countries.

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