Republic of Tajikistan, Guliston,
LLC Health-resort “Bahoriston”

Call back

+992 92 858-55-55

Conditions of accommodation

  • Children from 7 years old are accepted for treatment. Children's age for recreation is not limited. There are pediatricians in sanatorium.
  • Discount for children from 3 to 7 years is 50% from the main cost
  • Resort provides the cots for the youngest guests. Families with young children are recommended to reserve the Lux room in order to have enough space to place the cot.
  • • Playground "Aladdin"
  • Children's playroom (with caregivers)
  • Specially equipped children's beach with buoys and a roller coaster.
  • Children's outdoor pool

Food for children

No special food is provided for children, but the most of the meals from adult menu are suitable for children as sanatorium offers diet food.

It is necessary to purchase in advance the baby food for infants.


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